Inversions Printable - $7   
This 27-page PDF will get you started learning the piano quickly and easily with all major and minor chords and their inversions. Get your copy and start laying the foundation for creative playing today.
Table of Contents:

(Each chord is shown in root position, 1st inversion, and 2nd inversion.)

Opening letter teaching how to build major and minor chords and inversions

C Major Chord

C♯/D♭ Chord

D Major Chord

E♭ Major Chord

E Major Chord

F Major Chord

F♯/G♭ Major Chord

G Major Chord

A♭ Major Chord

A Major Chord

B♭ Major Chord

B/C♭ Major Chord

C Minor Chord

C♯ Minor Chord

D Minor Chord

E♭/D♯ Minor Chord

E Minor Chord

F Minor Chord

F♯ Minor Chord

G Minor Chord

A♭/G♯ Minor Chord

A Minor Chord

B♭/A♯ Minor Chord

B Minor Chord

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